[Bordermarch] Baronial thank you's

Angel Billiot billiotkwhs at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 29 20:21:11 PDT 2011

Dearest Bordermarch family,
I have heard from many o people that the luncheon was AMAZING. This makes me very proud as it was my 1st to organize "on my own". I would like to first off thank Lord Nik and Lord Malcolm for intrusting this job to me and the others fromthe crew. Well actually thanks for asking Captain Chrestien if he would and him skirting it of to "the females". So thanks tonyou also Captain. 
Next I would like to (big) THANK, to M'lady Magdelena (Micky) for agreeing to take on this challenge(being a Newbie and all) without you my sister I prolly would have spazed!!! (whom ever is incharge of doing so please add Micky to tue list ms.micky2011 at yahoo.com she would like to be on the list)
Second a big thanks to M'lady Elizia ( NEW MEMEBER Bonnie) for those that didn't know this was her very 1st event. We graduated together and I have been trying to get her out to an event for YEARS! So for atrophy up at your 1st event thanks and VIVAT!!!
Thanks to those who showed up at Magdelenas house and stayed till odd hours of the night helping cook,clean,tend to babies,supervise,or just make us laugh. Lord Roland Aka Supervisor!!! M'Lord Jakob Rot Ross Von Templin (Rudy)~ for all the things you mysteriously knew I would need!! Ur vehicle must be a big black hole!!!! y'all have no idea how many times I went crap I forgot something and it would magically appear in his vehicle....he is also very good at cutting onions and bell pepers! Lady Claire (Amie), Amber (very new member), and Lil Amie Christian for showing up late but waking up early with the kids and helping cooking!!! We almost lost u in the caravan but hey it's all good!!!! Lord Thomas de Lathom and his ever so sweet son m'Lord Morgan de Lathem (Mitch and Ian) thanks ssssoooooooo much for putting out the pit when we caught it on fire and then taking over the pit!!! Also for serving and putting up with all my demands!!! :) 
Lord Sazka (Daniel) thanks for being our moral support and Claudias personal gardian! You helped out bunches keeping the kids for me. And they love you for it!
To one of our newest LORDS Ulferth thanks for making sure we got packed and of the door!!! VIVAT the Aoa!!!
And to OUR other newest LORD Sewallis thanks for keeping us laughing,setting up tables, moving heavy objects and making Elvin eat his food!!! We love ya! And VIVAT YOUR AOA!!!
thanks to HE Lou for the fruit!!! Yummy!!!
If I have missed someone I am ssssuuuuupppppppeeeeerrrrr sorry!!! 
All in all we had a great time and everything turned out well!!! NO!!! Lol for those who know why I say NO!!! Thanks to everyone I love each and everyone of you and can't wait for our next event!!!
Hugs and Loves
Lady Angelica Catolina Veronica de Granada
Daughter of HE Valencia Carlota Maria de Granada
Mother to Elvin the Hunter and Claudia Maria de Granada
Company of the Pheonix 
Hospitaler for Barony Bordermarch!

If I have missed someone I am SUPPPPPPPPER SORRY!!!

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