[Bordermarch] Populace

Lathrop, Dave David.Lathrop at valero.com
Thu Jun 30 08:39:43 PDT 2011

Greetings unto the fine People of Bordermarch,

Tonight we celebrate another Populace!.....HMGWILRH,bQBITTBCOO!
Lately I've been paying attention to the current sociably acceptable acronyms use in miscellaneous email correspondences; that's where "HMGWILRH,bQBITTBCOO"comes from. It means, "Holding My Gut While I Laugh Real Hard, but Quietly Because I'm Trying To Be Considerate Of Others."

Tonight's Populace will be in Gander Mountain's back room and will start around 7:00pm. It's going to be another "I sure don't want to miss this Populace" gathering.
Someone will bring something to eat. If they do not want to share we will again shame them into giving us a portion of their food. If Sir Simonn offers you some hard candy please refuse it, he's still trying to get rid of that Halloween candy from 2006.

I hope our two baronial autocrats can make it so's we can hug them real tight.

A special quest will bless our presence tonight, and this person has seen several pictures of English people.

My grapes shriveled up and died. The grapes vines I planted three years ago were doing just fine until the recent drought. There were several bunches of green grapes one day and then they turned into shriveled raisins overnight!
The good news is I have a plethora of lemons this year, but they are still green.
I do not have any asparagus this year because I have not planted any, but I do like asparagus.

I've learned that Lord Phocas has found a red wasp nest in one of his sewer pipes and he thinks it's a honey bee hive. He's going to find out that getting honey from a wasp is like trying to milk a waffle!

That shiny thing that I found I my yard awhile back is still there. For reasons unknown to me or mankind in general, it has retained its ability to reflect the noonday sun. Since I have not seen any crop circles anywhere near the shiny thing I must conclude that its composition is not of an extraterrestrial nature.

Speaking of nature, does anyone know where the Baronial Bladderwort plant is?

HE Santiago

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