[Bordermarch] Santiago's Mishap

David Lathrop dblathrop at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 28 08:31:49 PST 2012

Those of you who were unable to make it to the camp out missed an opportunity to see Santiago in action....Adolf this ones for you!!
As we arrived on site late Friday afternoon in the wind and cold Santiago began the diligent task of setting up our pavilion. Out came the poles, stakes, top and sides of a 12 ft tent. After attaching all the ropes, hoisting it up and tying it down HE began to apply the sides. Half way around I mentioned that the sides were two feet off the ground and wouldn't it be cold as the air rushed under the tent. Santiago with his big brain checked the center pole to be sure it was in the right position and rechecked the sides and poles but a last the sides still were too short. After securing the tent with more ropes Santiago decided he would dig a hole and drop the center pole into it so the sides would then touch the ground, this certainly would be better then taking down the whole tent and starting over?!! Now for a shovel...nope we did not bring a shovel...I lovingly offered him a serving spoon from my kitchen utensils (snicker)...he chose to go to the
 storage shed instead and returned with a spade! Away he went digging and digging and soon he had a three foot hole (now remember I said the sides were two foot too high). I then heard a voice from inside the tent tell me to hold on to one of the ropes holding down the tent while he kicks the center pole into the hole, "it shouldn't go anywhere but just in case it starts to fall help guide it down" he told me.  Then one, two poof!! The tent dropped in the whole. The sides billowed out like a giant marshmallow bomb and I heard a loud "oh!" I rushed to see about my Lord and there he stood, all 5'10" of himself, holding the center pole with the spokes on top of his head. M'lady Harley our granddaughter who was standing outside the tent looked at her grandfather and said, "hey Papa it's a playhouse!" Need I say more....
HE Elisabeth, watching out for her populace and sharing the love!!

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