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Ok, I really just have to weigh in here.... hickory nut ink. 
You  don't need the nuts in the ink, only the husks... it's the tannin from the nut husks that create the ink/dye. 
Be advised that the ink can be somewhat acidic or corrosive; when used on paper products, over time it can eat through the paper; even some vellum (skins) were affected with the acidity -  so would not suggest using on scrolls you expect to last a very, very long time - may some simpler prize scrolls, but not award elevation scrolls. 
The tannins may stain one's hands when removing the hulls, might want to wear gloves.  You may want to add a drop of some oils (oil of cloves is one, I believe) to stay off mold.  
Do not seriously consider adding the resultant 'Hickory flavored fluid ' in any food products, do not eat or drink this concoction, remember you put a rusty nail in there too, and no telling what other pests maybe in the husks.  Else, you maybe running to HE Elizabeth to find what ail's thee and seek for a cure.   Eat the shelled nuts, to be sure, but not the 'ink' concoction, in my opinion. 
Here are a few links on some processes (some are for walnuts, same process): 
Do some searches on 'period ink', and SCA Scribal Handbooks for each kingdom
There are some historical ink recipies, but don't have access to those right now.
Cheers, Hillary


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When I loosely mentioned that a very fine cartographer's ink could be rendered from the husk of the lowly Hickory nut, Lord Biau immediately ran off to gather up all the Hickory nuts he could. He returned with a large quantity of nuts for my inspection.
He was so very proud of his collection.
When he opened his pouch the Hickory nuts suddenly popped into the air like so much jiffy-pop. We did not understand the reason for the jumping Hickory nuts.
Lord Biau decided he did not have enough nuts, and promptly secured his pouch and went searching for more.
He intends to boil the Hickory nuts on his lovely wife's kitchen stove, add some ferrous oxide in the form of a rusty gauntlet, and throw in some gum-aromatic to thicken things up. I expect to be using some of his new Hickory nut ink at the next guild meeting.
If the ink potion does not work all will not be lost; the Hickory flavored fluid can be use quite successfully in the production of one of Lady Jimwat's Hickory fruit cakes. I'm sure Lady Jillian would love to make one for the group.

HE Santiago


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