[Bordermarch] fighter practice & stuff

walton dumesnil wdumesnil at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 12 09:21:31 PDT 2012

looking @ the Radar has led me to believe that all hopes have been dashed for fighter practice tonight...Check w/ b-day Ben (Sir Simonn) about armory in lieu of practice tonight...@ Jillian---Karen & I will be going to practice @ Loch Tues barring weather...Im upgrading my license that day w/ the USCG & will be in Houston...might as well hit them w/ sticks too since we will be in town...re-emphasizing BAM planning meeting for Friday guild night...will also discuss 2 goats on a spit, 1 chef, & a cocktail party for BAM...I will not be able to go to movie night as Karen, Jalali & I will be @ Steppes Artisan representing Bordermarch scribal awesomeness...hope you guys have fun...any questions or suggestions please call me...Beau 		 	   		  

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