[Bordermarch] Tiny Tourney 2012Greetings!

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 13 11:46:08 PDT 2012

August 5th  - Sounds like a great opportunity to invite your neighbors (Stargate, Loch, Gate's Edge, etc) to join you... 
the more the merrier... and the larger the demo!
Don't forget that Gate's Edge is hosting 'Son of Summerthing' on August 11th, a day event only, closes down at 5pm
It was in this months Black Star online.  If you need a page copy, I can forward.  
Cheers, Hillary, Bordermarch Artisan 
(might be able to do a class, have to think about what)
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2012 19:20:29 -0500
From: Christopher Birtciel <c.birtciel at gmail.com>
To: bordermarch at lists.ansteorra.org
Subject: [Bordermarch] Tiny Tourney 2012Greetings!

        The summer days are just flying along, and soon it will be August,
and many noble persons will be traveling to far flung lands to fight in the
mighty battles at the Pennsic War.  For the rest of us, Bordermarch will be
hosting Tiny Tourney 2012 on August 5th at Roger's park here in Beaumont.
I would like to get a couple of volunteers for classes, and would like to
have lots of A&S projects on display, in addition to chivalric and rapier
lists.  Please post any and all ideas and questions regarding this demo to
the list, and thanks to you in advance for making this as great as I know
it will be!

Thomas Peregrine
mka Christopher Birtciel

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