[Bordermarch] Populace and some other notes about Movie Night

Lathrop, Dave David.Lathrop at valero.com
Wed Jul 25 08:27:05 PDT 2012

Jon Clet Nous Rouqe Bordermarch,

Tomorrow is Populace at Gander Mountain, we will discuss stuff.
We will start discussing stuff around 7:00pm.
Bring plenty of big words to describe your current projects, and if you have an urge, bring your project to populace and we'll all critique it!

I will be bringing a large thread box used to cut wooden screws. I do not know it's age, but it's pretty old, maybe even ancient!
The thread box was an essential tool used by the medieval woodworker. The present metal screws we find at hardware stores were not readily available and had to be handmade
one at a time.
An advantage of being able to make wooden threads is no screw driver will be needed to turn it.

One might ask, "What could I possibly use a large wooden threaded thing for?"
How about that adjustable piano stool you've always been wanting? -----------That's all I can think of right now.

Maybe someone could bring a really old green bottle to populace, those are pretty cool to look at.

Saturday is the Bordermarch Movie Night Extravaganza!
During the day I shall be holding a gas forge making workshop for any who might be interested. It's going to hot, dirty, noisy, and you will sweat a lot. It should be fun.
If we have time perhaps we can light up the forge and hammer out some blades!

I have been informed that HE Elisabeth and I will be providing the meat product for the Movie Night meal; it will be some sort of ham or ham clone.
We will also have flavored water to drink. It's really just water with a little sea salt in it.

We would also like someone to write a formal review of the movie after we watch it so we'll know if we liked it or not.

HE Santiago

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