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Unto Your Excellencies Santiago & Elisabeth,
Thank you for this message.

While the news is sad for the Shire of Greywood to be recently dissolved as 
its own group, it is very special that friends and neighbors of longstanding 
in Greywood are now "Bordermarch family."
To expand your explanation so more recent Bordermarchers may learn, may I 
add that
for ages past the populaces worked aside each other; did demo together at 
Ivanhoe; labored for shire and baronial events to happen at Jones Country; 
Greywooders provided Equestrian leadership for BAMs and classes taught; both 
groups worked together early on for wooden then cinderblock structure to 
exist as BorderKeep. It was Greywooders who originally "found" the Jones 
Country site as a possible event home that both our groups have shared. 
Greywood members have been of benefit in Kingdom as officers, teachers, 
stewards, champions, and more.
Salute to Greywooders ~
Salute their decision to merge into Bordermarch ~
with appreciation to the Crown of Ansteorra, Kingdom Seneschal, and Greywood 
membership for this decision of trust.

Your devoted servant and friend,

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For those that may have missed it in the July Populace minutes:

We, Bordermarch now hold lands for Their Majesties that stretch North to 
Lufkin. These lands(zip codes) were bestowed upon us through the 
graciousness of HE Don Shea and Their Excellencies Henri and Charla previous 
B&B's of Bordermarch who have been playing with Greywood, a smaller shire 
north of us, who has since dissolved. Our member numbers increased with 
their gift and we are in good standing as a Barony at 42.

VIVAT Greywood
VIVAT Their Exc's Henri & Charla

We can't express how humbled we are. This new land is in safe hands.

In Service to the Crown, our new friends and Barony Bordermarch, we remain,

Santiago & Elisabeth
Baron and Baroness of Bordermarch
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