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Wed Mar 28 02:35:01 PDT 2012

Welcome back and keep that strength up because you are in our prayers, and our 
Wes, Lupe, and family

From: David Lathrop <dblathrop at yahoo.com>
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Subject: [Bordermarch] HE Me

I'm home from my back surgery and doing okay. Recovery is not fun!! I can be 
reached by cell phone 409-673-0897, email dblathrop at yahoo.com or you can 
continue to reach Santiago. I can't drive or work for 4 weeks so I have a lot of 
time to dream the dream.  

Thanks for all the prayers, well wishes and for visiting me both in the hospital 
and at home. It feels good to have so much love and support around us.
Got to go....E
Mistress Hillary.....keep it hush, hushshshsh, I've got my eyes and ewes (pun 
intended) on you.
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