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Before Gulf War and since, armoury has been busy, with a few new faces 
getting acquainted with what kinds of armour are possibe, and steadfast 
workers making ready for Gulf War or beyond.

Last month I was baking bread and mending garb for Gulf Wars XXI and making 
an extra hood or two for fighters;
also sewing two extra sets of war pants;
and pulling weeds away from where the basil plants were last year, hoping to 
see some volunteer sprouts;
and turned in a recipe item for the newletter.

This month, teensy basil nibs poked their way up through the soil, volunteer 
from last year's dried seeds fallen to the soil.
At this time they are tiny shoots no larger than your pinky fingernail. 
Certainly glad to share when the basil grows.

White blossoms in the yard let us know spring has sprung.

I am working in collaboration with two others, making a surprise that will 
be revealed at coronation. Suffice to say, our cats had to stay outside the 
whole entire first day that I laid things out across two rooms.

And tonight at Populace, Atli gave out some sprigs of chocolate mint  -that 
are now resting in a cup of water where it is hoped roots will emerge within 
a week.
Will share when the roots get established.


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It is time again for everyone to tell me what they have been doing the past 
month...and since my post got bounced back at me last month, tell me what 
you were doing then if you can remember! Last month, with all of the rain, 
my A&S activities were limited to making a second batch of marmalade using 
kumquats that I procured from Theresa's house in the dead of night. This 
month, I have been making a few tweaks to my armor at the armory, playing 
with my vinegaroon dye solution, and building a few raised beds for a 
vegetable garden.
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