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Mordock von Rugen mordockvonrugen at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 6 10:21:22 PDT 2001

I know that everyone in the brigade has a burning desire to demonstrate to
the known world that we are the best unit on the field, bar none.  We can do
it - the gate at the castle at Gulf is proof that we can.

To do it, though, we have to be very well versed in every aspect of our art
- and have trained enough that everything is second nature.  That's why
we're going to be having practices every month as a brigade.  That's also
why I urge our units to practice at least once a month besides the joint

If you aren't in the brigade, come on out and practice anyway!  It's fun,
and you'll become a better war fighter for the Central Region and your
Kingdom even if you aren't playing as part of the brigade.  You'll give us
practice in incorporating levies, too!

Stella published a list of practices a little while back on the Elfsea list
(thanks, Stella).  Since that time, we've had to remove one of the practices
due to scheduling problems.  There won't be a brigade practice in August,
due to heat, Pennsic, and other schedule conflicts.  Go to Pennsic if you
can, and look for Baron Llewellyn - he'll be in command of the Central
Region forces and the Iron Star Brigade.  I trust that Llewellyn will lead
our forces capably, and everyone will do some serious stomping on all who
oppose you, and that y'all will come home with some really good stories to
share with those of us who can't make it.  Be safe, and have fun!

To reiterate the practice list, then, here you go:

July 15 - Randol Mill park, following the mini-tourney
September 1 - Gothic war (what better practice than the real thing?)
October 21 - at Steppes (though this may move to Fion Ruadh)
November 10 - Three Kings (the real thing, again)
December 16 - at Randol Mill park
January 20 - location TBD (may change to Siege of Abbey)
February 9 - Border Wars (the real thing close to home)

See you on the field!

Vivat Iron Star!  Vivat Central Region!  Vivat Ansteorra!
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