[Central] Reminder: Central Region War practice Sunday, 7/15

Mordock von Rugen mordockvonrugen at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 9 10:40:24 PDT 2001

Please disseminate this message to any relevant mailing lists that I missed.

This is just a reminder that the Central Region war practice is to be held
this Sunday, 7/15, at Randol Mill Park at 2:00.

We need as many fighters from throughout the region to attend as possible.
By fighter, of course, I mean every shieldman, spearman, glaivesman,
two-handed swordsman, archer, and siege engineer that we can get on the

This Sunday will focus on basic tactics - that is, what units should do
under certain pre-defined circumstances, as a general rule.  It's important
that everyone who expects to fight with the Central Region come out and at
the very least do the walkthroughs all together.  Even if you're injured and
can't fight, or do archery and thus can't shoot at Randol Mill Park, or
don't yet have armor yet - getting to know your comrades in arms, and
training to respond to commands and situations in predictable ways is
critical to turning this Regional Command into a tight killing machine.

So come on out and practice, even if you can't swing a stick or loose a
shaft on Sunday.

And siege engineers, we could use you there as well, for discussion and
comradery, even if we aren't doing scenarios for which siege engines are
traditionally considered effective.  If we can coordinate some artillery
support for our tactics, siege engines can greatly increase the
effectiveness of those tactics.  Just as with spear/shield coordination,
flanker/shieldwall coordination, and archery coordination, though, it won't
happen with static practice against targets, it won't happen by e-mail, and
it won't happen by drawing on tables with spilled beer.  It has to happen
physically, or it won't happen at all.

See you all on Sunday!


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