[Central] RE: Sewing Bee

Vicki Marsh XaraXene at comcast.net
Fri Jan 2 08:48:14 PST 2004

Daniel de Lincolia (?) said : Why a central regional tabard?

Xene says : That was in reference to Chiara's message.  It was an invitation
to make Western Region tabards.  I was taking that to mean she wanted
Central Regional tabards to be made. Most of us know about the Ansteorran
insignia as we have seen the war tabards, and they are easy to make.  Most
people make their own Ansteorran tabards, so I thought she wanted regional
tabards. To me, it was a logical sequence.

In a later e-mail, Chiara stated that she just wanted the Ansteorran
tabards - which is OK.

Daniel de Lincolia (?) said :Why is unofficial heraldry preferred?

Xene says : The Central Region is not an offical SCA branch nor is it a
person. From what I understand, all official heraldry must be registered to
an SCA branch or to a person. My understanding of these heraldic rules may
be flawed, so there is a weakness in my logic.
Regional heraldry has been quietly discouraged in some areas and loudly
fought in other areas, as some see it as a percursor to a bid for
Principality. The Northern Region has been through a lot of pain over this
same problem.

That is why I mentioned unofficial heraldry.  We *can* have official
heraldry, but for a regional insignia to be designed, accepted by the
populace, submitted to the herald's office, and perhaps registered to the
Kingdom, we would have quite a bit of work to do. Just setting up a tabard
making party wouldn't work.

I don't know how the Western Region or the Coastal Region came up with their
tabard designs, but they already have them and they are accepted by their
regions.  I don't know if they are registered or not - somehow, I doubt it.

I am not against having Central Regional heraldry.  At one point, I was
actively trying to design an insignia, but found that it was a difficult
undertaking. One bit of heraldry involved using a horse, and there are quite
a few equestrian events in the Central Region, and no other horse heraldry
in the Kingdom insignias.

I'm open to ideas....


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