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Tim McDaniel tmcd at panix.com
Fri Jan 2 09:18:08 PST 2004

On Fri, 2 Jan 2004, Vicki Marsh <XaraXene at comcast.net> wrote:
> Daniel de Lincolia (?) said : Why a central regional tabard?
> Xene says : That was in reference to Chiara's message.  It was an
> invitation to make Western Region tabards.

Ah, I missed that.  Possibly because it was HTML -- I have an e-mail
filter that strips HTML messages, and it's wonderful on cutting down
on spam.  Or maybe I just deleted it in the mass purge after coming
back from vacation -- 650 messages waiting for me, about 640 of them

> From what I understand, all official heraldry must be registered to
> an SCA branch or to a person.

Quite true, but an owner could be found.  (A trusted individual, say,
or the kingdom, or a branch, with the understanding that it's held in

> Regional heraldry has been quietly discouraged in some areas and
> loudly fought in other areas, as some see it as a percursor to a bid
> for Principality.

My, what a nice can of worms you have there, says someone who is
currently living in the Southern Region (way cry: oy, vey).

> We *can* have official heraldry, but for a regional insignia to be
> designed, accepted by the populace, submitted to the herald's
> office, and perhaps registered to the Kingdom, we would have quite a
> bit of work to do.

The hard part is "accepted by the populace", and making tabards for
the Central Region *without* making sure that the design is accepted
seems like a worse headache.

> I don't know how the Western Region or the Coastal Region came up
> with their tabard designs, but they already have them and they are
> accepted by their regions.

Didn't know about them.  Huh.

> One bit of heraldry involved using a horse, and there are quite a
> few equestrian events in the Central Region, and no other horse
> heraldry in the Kingdom insignias.

Horses are underused in the SCA, both heraldically and really.

Daniel (valiantly suppressing comments like "there must be a pony in
the SCA *somewhere*") de Lincolia
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