[Central] Ansteorra Argent Anniversary Merchanting

Patrick Cuccurello pcuccurello at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 15 18:22:43 PST 2004

>Please cross-post this article to all Kingdoms of the Knowne World:
>Attention, Merchants!
>Ansteorra will hold its Argent Anniversary (affectionately and informally 
>called “AAA”) at Canton First Monday Park in Canton, Texas, from Thursday, 
>July 8 through Sunday, July 11, 2004.
>If you, or someone you know, is or might be interested in being a merchant 
>at this event, we of the AAA Merchants’ Row Staff invite you, or them, to 
>send to us for the AAA Application Packet.
>The Application Packet contains all of the information and details that a 
>person or business wanting to merchant at this event will need to apply to 
>attend and sell.
>An Application Packet weighs approximately 2.9 ounces.  If you want to 
>receive one, please send a pre-addressed, stamped envelope that is at least 
>6” x 9”, with at least $0.83 postage on it, to this address:
>        Coordinator Ronnie Hodges
>        Merchants’ Row Staff
>        P.O. Box 907
>        Quinlan, Texas  75474
>If you have any questions or comments before you receive the packet, please 
>be sure to include them on a separate sheet inside the envelope in which 
>you mail the SASE to us.
>**Please note:** This year, a limited number of merchant spaces will be 
>available indoors, inside the great hall.  These spaces are subject to 
>higher space fees, and additional or different rules and restrictions will 
>apply to them.  Indoor spaces will be issued on the basis of: (1) the types 
>of merchandise competing for those spaces; (2) a request made in the 
>appropriate space on the Application Packet; and (3) timing of Merchants’ 
>Row Staff receiving a fully and properly completed Application Packet.  All 
>of these considerations are solely within the discretion of the Merchants’ 
>Row Coordinator, Ronnie Hodges.
>To accommodate site materials and advertising that will include merchants’ 
>information, the deadline for receiving Applications is June 1, 2004.  If 
>publication deadlines allow us to extend that time, we will do so.  If you  
>have a question or comment that is not addressed in the Application Packet, 
>  you may write to Ronnie Hodges at the above address or at 
>womrn at hotmail.com.  Calls will be taken at 903-356-4443 *only between the 
>hours of 5:30 p.m. and  9:00 p.m.* (voice mail will answer during those 
>times if she cannot).
>We look forward to a spectacular turn-out for AAA – hope you will be there, 
>Merchants’ Row Staff,
>Ansteorran Argent Anniversary

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