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Subject: 12th night site posibilities
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  For all thinking about bidding on 12th Night (feel free to forward to any lists in our region)  
  Please see the below list of sites that have been contacted for price and availablity for January 5th, 2008.  I hope this helps with the bidding process for all concerned. These are not the only locations or areas to be considered, just the small list I came up with at lunch one day.  I am sure there are many other areas we can look at as well.
  If you have specific questions on the notes I took, please contact me.
  HE Katheryn Cunningghame
  Baroness of the Steppes 
  Checked 6/25/07 with Midlothian Civic Center.  Per Mary Rustin 972-723-7919 did not have availability on 1/5/08.  
  Two weddings there that weekend.  
  Bob Duncan Center - Arlington - ****AVAILABLE 1/5/08****
  Hall next to park.  Main Hall seats 500.  
  Pricing on weekends 8-10pm (14 hours) is $400.00
  Wedding Package is $1800.00 catered for 250 people. 
  They must cater – will not allow food to be brought in.  Probably not the best fit for us.
  Waxahachie Civic Center -  *****AVAILABLE 1/5/08*********
  Contact Jennie Miles (972) 938-3434
  Ballrooms 1,2 and 5 can hold up to 400 - 500 people
  Room with stage (after proof of 501c status) $1600 for eight hours, $100. per every half hour over after the 8 hours.  Must be out by 2am
  Room without stage $1400.00, $100. per half hour after that.  There is a $1.00 per person service charge if food or beverage to be served (clean up fee).
  Prep Kitchen available for $50.00, but must share with other events.  PREP only, no cooking, so it would be done off site.
  Liquor available through approved vendor G Texas (info for them on website)
  ***** Autocrat please follow up to negotiate further*****
  Mineola Civic Center   (903) 569-6115  ****Available 1/5/08******
  Went by this site before.  VERY nice
  Live Oak room – 500 people $400.00 for 4 hours minimum, $100 per hour after, $350 sec deposit
  Kitchen – full kitchen -  no charge except must pay Min. Civic Center employee $15.00/hr the whole time they are there. Must also have $1million insurance cert with Min Civic Center named .(Get from SCA Inc in California – allow 6 weeks to obtain!!! ) Not sure if they allow alchohol.
  Other possible sites not called...
  Grandview Community Ctr  Grandview TX
  Mesquite Convention Center and Hotel  
  Granbury Events Management
  St Mary's Parish Hall Gainsville, Texas  940-665-0048
  Fumc Auditorium  McKinney, TX  972-542-7801
  Richard's Hall Ft Worth, TX  817-335-5370
  Mc Kenzie Banquet Hall  Lewisville, Texas   972-353-3430
  Garrett Creek Ranch 940-433-2055
  Grapevine Convention Ctr 
  Celina Community Ctr
  Texas Star Conference Ctr  Euless, Texas
  Luggage? GPS? Comic books? 
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