[Central] Accepting bids for 12th night

Julie Cunningham juliecunningham65 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 24 11:16:09 PDT 2007

  Please see below in regards to 12th Night, published in the Elfsea Tidings and to be in the Steppes Newsletter as well.
  Every Barony is allowed two Kingdom calendar events per year.  For many years, Steppes 12th night has been a Kingdom calendar event due to the inclusion of the Kingdom Eisteddfod competition, thereby becoming a Kingdom event.  This year in February or March, Steppes was notified by the current titled Bard of the Kingdom that Steppes 12th Night 2008 would not be hosting this competition.  As a result and after much discussion, Steppes decided to open 12th Night (currently on the Kingdom caledar for January 5, 2008) to the Central Region as a regional event on a trial basis for the calendar year 2008 only.
  Long story short, Steppes 12th Night for 2008 will be Central Regional 12th Night with bids accepted by any and all members of the Region.  The understanding is that if your group puts in a bid, you will *not* be responsible for filling all the jobs with people from your group; the jobs will be parceled out to various groups (who will then fill them with people from their group) within the region who are interested in participating.
  Bids are now open for Central Regional 12th Night.  All bids must be accompanied with a budget.  Bids will not be accepted without a budget.  Bids can be for feast and/or the event.
  Estimated numbers for Steppes 12th night are usually 300 in attendance, but we anticipate slightly more if it is a regional event.  In the past, we have budgeted Steppes 12th night to be $3500.00, with at least half of that going to feast. The site can be anywhere in the central region.  The most important factor on the site is that it should be no more than $2000.00 and that it has a capacity of 500+ people. Traditionally, Steppes 12th night has not been a big money maker and Steppes has occasionally suffered a small loss.
  Bids are requested ASAP as January 5th is almost upon us, with a deadline of August 31st.  The most important factor at this late date is a site.  If you have a wonderful site, please contact your seneschal with the information.  A site has not yet been secured, so we must make haste.  Bids will be accepted from anywhere in the Central Region.  These bids should be sent to HG Conal and copied to HG Julia de Montoya.  
  Bids should include at least a rough idea of any themes, any planned competitions that you are aware of (Steppes has a garb competition, a table-top trebuchet competition, and a table decorating competition), and a budget.  Remember, the budget is a non-negotiable enclosure with your bid.  If you have any questions regarding how Steppes has traditionally budgeted 12th Night in the past, please contact HL Margarite (Steppes seneschal   chell at bmhanson.net) for help.  


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