[Chemin-noir] OT--pls don't delete; Plea for immediete assistance

Robert Stewart skerritheviking at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 27 12:35:34 PST 2006

Most cordial Greetings and Salutations to One and All who I am sending this e-missive;  Both on lists, and directly to accounts---
  As all of you are aware, I have a lower back injury from my job.  It occurred due to corporate, and possibly OSHA, violations on the part of the store and Manager, and I am not going to say who the employer is (although most everyone knows who) for sake of honorable discretion.  It has been nearly 3 years, with my wife, daughter, and me bearing the burden of most all of the medical expenses, despite there being 11 court orders and pre-trial agreements to treat me.  Until recently, I was receiving my worker's comp. pay every 2 weeks, but the employer stopped them in November without warning or cause.  As a result, February was the last month we have been able to stay solvent.  I have a primary and secondary law firm, and the secondary law firm has helped alot, but not the primary at all-despite promises and contracts.
  As a result, we have hit the wall, and are going straight down fast;  Like, 1 week by Friday-history-fast.  The entire legal process will be completely done and paid in 3-6 months, but this March is the crunch month for money.  After the beginning of April, we will pop back up, but we have to make it through March and the first 2 weeks of April.  Which is why I am swallowing my pride and abaising myself with all of you.  We all say --and do practice-- that through the Known World we are a big family, and even the Known World Handbook says we are all sorta second cousins once removed.  I am turning to all of my friends and family (except on my own area's list) and Begging for assistance.
  By fortune and sheer numbers, I am not asking that 1 or 2 people help us for the high-high 3 digits we have to get, in addition to my wife's income.  I am asking each person, I am Begging each person, who recieves this e-missive to send a very small amount, because with everyone (I hope and pray) helping a tiny bit, we will have enough to swing through and be able to not loose everything, including my 9 meds, steroid injections, and traction treatments.  That comes to just over 1100$ Every Single Month!!!
  Please, everyone, just mail one to five dollars.  It will all add up, like a bowl you throw your loose change in each day.  Please don't assume someone else will help, because then Sally, Heather (our 2 1/2 yr old daughter) and I will not get help and Friday we are sunk.  Please, help us by mailing something today or tommorow.  Then, it will get here by Thursday and Friday.  I will make a list, and pay everyone back that wants to be reimbursed from the Judgement.
  I humbly and sincerely apologize for bothering everyone, but we have crashed, and all of our resources are used up.  Once again, Thank You for hearing my plea for myself and my family.  I would not be begging everyone if we had another alternative. :(
  In Service to the Dream,
  Lord Skerri Valtorsson
  mka--Robert Stewart
  16380 W. Sandy St.
  Marana, AZ  85653-9432

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