[Chemin-noir] Re: [SCA-HH] OT--pls don't delete; Plea for immediete assistance

Shere'e Robinson shereerobinson at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 17:13:33 PST 2006

Having worked for 5 years in the worker's comp field I am very suprised that
this happend to you.  In no state in the union is is legal for them to just
terminate your benifits without warning unless you are either:

1> non-complient with your treatment, this can be either not showing up for
even 1 appointment with your doctor or physical therapy.

2> failed/refused to attend a required medical exam.

3> fraud. I highly doubt that this is the case here but it is one of the big

Your worker's comp insurance carrier is required by law to provide you with
the reason for your termination upon request. I would highly suggest that
you contact them and get this straightened up as quickly as possible!!!

Good luck!!!!
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