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Robert Stewart skerritheviking at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 27 22:46:54 PST 2006

It happened 2 years ago.  They have fought and fought.  They have had the courts repeatedly rule against them.  They just do not comply.  They do not give a reason.  I have read 3 of the 11 transcripts.  My attorney has repeatedly caught them lieing to the Judge.  The Judge has even used profane language ON RECORD at them AND their attorneys (not me yelling but the Judge did).  There is no fraud, I have made every appointment, I have gone to all FIVE of the medical exams and the one IME (independent medical exam).  That doctor was working for the court and is an Orthopedic Surgeon, and they and us agreed that the doctor was okay to use.  He ruled in my favor.
  The employer's Insurance carrier (which my employer actually owns) got a fax from the doctor while I was on the road from Tulsa (where the IME was at) back to Vinita, called my store manager and ordered him to leave a message on my answering machine, telling me I was fired.  Keep in mind I had been off of work at this point for 5 months.  He fought with them about it, faxed proof I was supposed to be off work and firing me while off work on worker's comp is a felony, and they told him they already had the info from the IME and if he did not fire me, they would fire HIM, pull all his stock, his retirement, etc.  He had no choice, he's got a wife and 2 kids, a new house and 22 years with the company.  This is a true story documented in court records.  I am not lieing or exagerating in any way.
  I understand that you are stunned.  So am I.  So are my attorneys, and the other attorneys they have called for advice, and the 9 other attorneys I called to talk to-even though I have an attorney, especially since so many court orders are being disobeyed.  They are bewildered.
  Keep in mind we are talking about a mega-corporation that has 6 class action suits against it right now, 3 federal investigations that have already resulted in several arrests, has 11 suits a day filed that are good, plus 23 more for workers comp. that are good.  These figures actually do not include ones dismissed for being garbage.  This is an actual documentable absolute fact.  I am sure you have figured out what friendly neighborhood that has it all in one place store I am talking about.
  There is no straightening it out, there is only completing the law suit.  I have repeatedly given them the chance to stop everything and just fix me and settle for a pittance.  They refuse, and so I must make sure I will be able to pay for all my bills for the rest of my life by getting the maximum allowed under state law, because they are breaking it left and right.  Literally, as you know, having worked in worker's comp for 5 years.
  They have 3 Fraud Investigators (P.I.'s that specialize in insurance cases, I know one that's in the sca) on me all the time.  This is not me being paranoid.  I walked right up to one of them filming me last year and talked to her.  They turned in a 10 minute film 2 years ago, that the Judge basically laughed at for it's absurdity, because it did not show me doing anything wrong.  My Mom, 2 workers at the corner store, my wife, 4 people in my sca household, the Kingdom Sherriff, the Barony Sherriff, 4 autocrats, plus various deputies and a household of mongols have seen them, plus the 3 sets of neighbors that have seen them out here.  Marana -where I live- is an agricultural community, and we have 4 acres we rent dirt cheap.  We can see unusual or out of place things easily.
  My friend the P.I.(who is a baron) told me they each get 250$ a day plus expenses, and will stay there as long as they are told to, which he said could be months and months.  He said he knows, because he has worked for this mega-corporation himself in the past, and that is what they do, just to get 10 minutes of film, that may or may not be admissable.
  So, now do you see what is going on, and what I am up against?
  It is difficult enough to get down on my knees and beg 4000-6000 people for help, without somebody who has worked for the worker's comp. system intentionally or unintentionally impying I am a lieing lazy fraudulent thief.  My MRI shows 2 anular tears 30%+ each with bulging discs at L-4/L-5 and L-5/S-1, with inflammation in the tubes that all the nerves for the lower body run through, which means I have numbness, trouble walking, I fall down without a cane or walker, I wake up in pain, etc.  I am a former tri-state Judo 1st and 3rd place winner, and a junior olympics gold medalist in swimming:  Butterfly, Breaststroke, Freestyle, Medly Relay, and some silvers and bronzes.
  This being crippled kills me, and you are implying I am full of it, meaning to or not, while I am kow-towing for help for myself, my wife, and my 2 1/2 year old daughter.  You have no idea how hard it is to beg people I probably do not know for 1$, and say all you 6000 people, just send 1$, knowing most people will not, hoping and praying I will collect enough to save us from living on the street after this weekend.  If you do not want to help, or cannot help, or think I am just laying some freak on, fine.  Do not help.  But at least do not kick me in the head while I am prostrated before you begging.
  Ask around, ask Ottokar, Volkmar, and Fintan, they can vouchsafe me.  So can the Baron and Baroness.  Plus Duke Steingrim, Duke Dak, Duke Torgul, Duke Martino, Duke Arthur--both of them, Duke Skapti, Duke Thjo, Duke Christopher II,King Uether and Queen Angharad, Countess Vigdis, Duchess Malinda, King Aaron and Queen Alisandra, Master Eric, Baron Sir Maestro Don Domingo Diego De la Vega e Cortez La Crusada, Baroness Ysabet are a few more people you could ask.
  As far as good luck, they do not have a leg to stand on, and no case to defend themselves.  They are just being, well, I won't say.  There have been 3 specials on the tele about this company last year doing this and other evils.  So, luck is well on my side (thank you very much for the well wishes though!!!!!) but time has caught up with us.  Fiddlesticks........
  I apologize for bothering you, Shere'e.  I will trouble you no longer.  For the rest of you, I am sorry that I had to come to you with my hat in hand.  I wish it were any other way, but it is not.  Many of you have already began to respond, and I thank all of you, especially the retire KCPD Patrolman who actually called me to verify.
  Ld. Skerri/Robert Stewart, Sr.
  Membership #69571;  Started A.S. XVI, Sunday, Halloween
  P.S.----  For those of you who asked, my wife Sally/Lady Annis is checking into her paypal stuff.  Her e-mail addy is stewart_sally at hotmail.com thanks again!!

Shere'e Robinson <shereerobinson at gmail.com> wrote:
    Having worked for 5 years in the worker's comp field I am very suprised that this happend to you.  In no state in the union is is legal for them to just terminate your benifits without warning unless you are either:
  1> non-complient with your treatment, this can be either not showing up for even 1 appointment with your doctor or physical therapy.
  2> failed/refused to attend a required medical exam.
  3> fraud. I highly doubt that this is the case here but it is one of the big 3.
  Your worker's comp insurance carrier is required by law to provide you with the reason for your termination upon request. I would highly suggest that you contact them and get this straightened up as quickly as possible!!! 
  Good luck!!!!

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