[Chemin-noir] SCA:MULTIKINGDOM: Support list for those with illnesses/physical challenges / pain...Please pass along [members from every SCA Kingdom]

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Tue Feb 28 03:38:46 PST 2006

Please Share This Information with Those in Your Area. Thank You!

The group [guild] this message refers to is a peer support group for SCA
folk worldwide who live with Chronic Physical Illness and Chronic Pain
Syndromes, it is also for those who love/ care for them. [ friends and

There are scores of list members with conditions from A to Z [ illnesses
like Auto immune / Connective tissue disorders/ Fibromyalgia/ Crohn's
disease /Rheumatic disorders/ Arthritis [all types]/ Collagen Vascular
disorders/ RSD/ MS/ Carpal tunnel/ minimal brain injuries/
diabetes/Heart diseases / breathing disorders/blood disorders/ physical
infirmities/ epilepsy /  and any others not listed here ] Again, all
chronic, intractable physical illnesses / limitations and Chronic Pain
Syndromes are welcome and supported here.

The list  is a place to share tips and tricks for getting through the
day. It's also a place to get support [ hard to come by in the everyday
world and, sadly sometimes in our various "societies" too.] as well as a
place to learn more  about these various conditions from others who live
with them and from links to national associations for these disorders.

While this group is here for those with the disorders,  remember it is
also here for the loved ones, friends and family of people with these
disorders as well. In my humble experience, those who support us suffer
less anxiety and frustration with more information... and I wish it to
be a place that will allow them to share their burdens as well,
hopefully helping to reduce "caregiver burnout" , and thereby aiding
them to continue aiding us down our sometimes rocky paths to a "happily
ever after".

Group Page Address:


 Group Email Addresses

Post message:AI_s at yahoogroups.com

Subscribe: AI_s-subscribe at yahoogroups.com

Unsubscribe: AI_s-unsubscribe at yahoogroups.com

List owner: AI_s-owner at yahoogroups.com

** There is also a "sister" group for those not active in the SCA [ in
case of "mixed" marriages or family who is not conversant in " knowne
world speak"]. If you are interested in that list it can be contacted
through < owner-AIS at yahoogroups.com >

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