[Chemin-noir] FW: [Northkeep] Water Bearing for Fair of the Harvest

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Greetings All!  The Gracious Lady Aoife is correct in her post about
Chemin Noir regarding your Halfiras waterbearers.  Any and all donations
are appreciated for the water bearer set-up - particularly if you have
an hour or so to assist us with duties.
A pot luck luncheon would be lovely, please let me know if you would
like to participate.  My new munchkin has not yet arrived, but we expect
him at any time. So with two little ones in tow, runners will be
heartily appreciated.
Please read the previous post below for more information.  Much thanks
to Lady Montega for her quick response of donations of pickles and
See you all soon!

On behalf of House Halfiras, we look forward to joining and serving you
at the lovely Fair of the Harvest.

In service and joy,
Ldy Mehpare-jamilla bint Ejer
House Halfiras
Barony of Northkeep 

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Subject: [Northkeep] Water Bearing for Fair of the Harvest

Greetings unto the lovely people of Chemin Noir and Northkeep,

As water bearer in charge for the 3rd year for Fair of the Harvest, I
send out a request for assistance and donations for the water bearing
tent for this wonderful event.

I will be toting two poppets(one just a couple weeks in the world) and
would greatly appreciate as many extra hands as possible.

The nature of my heartfelt requests are as follows:

1.  Water bearers (at least 4-5 for the list field) in shifts of at
least 2 hours.

2.  Water bearers and assistants for the archery field (help set up a
hospitality table, haul and serve refreshments, and check on
participants routinely) - at least 3-4 people through the day.

3.  Olives

4. Pickles

5. Oranges or other fruit.

6.  Any other donations are much appreciated.

In thanks, joy, and service,

Ldy. Mehpare-jamilla bint Ejer
House Halfiras
Barony of Northkeep

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