[Chemin-noir] Brewing Class

Michael Kahn Kahn at West-Point.org
Wed May 14 23:12:40 PDT 2008

I made the trip down to High Gravity in Tulsa to get the yeasts, the 
beer kit, and a thermometer (I forgot to bring mine up from OKC).  It 
wasn't all about the class - I also bought a couple of kegs and a few 
other things related to kegging.  Tonight (Wednesday), I started the 
comparison batch of mead with a boiled wort.  I had hoped to be able to 
start the three small batches to test the different yeasts, but just ran 
out of time.  With luck, there will be time tomorrow night, but that has 
nothing to do with the class.

If anyone needs to get in touch with me, you can call me on my cell 
phone:  (405) 627-5674.  I received word that four people will be coming 
tomorrow evening, but feel free to come out even if you weren't able to 
let me know in advance..  Just a warning that parking is tight here at 
my part of Lexington Commons.  My apartment is 873 Revere Way West.  
When you drive into the complex (using the Revere Way West entrance - 
it's to the east of the main entrance), my building is the first on the 
left.  You'll probably end up driving past a little ways in order to 
find a parking space.  We'll be making beer for Coronation and mead for 
next year.

Remember - you really can't buy good mead.  It's really not hard to 
make, and the basic equipment you need isn't very expensive.  The 
patience required is the hardest part.  More mead makers means more mead!

  In Service,
    Miles Grey

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