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Greetings from Duchess Willow de Wisp
Thank you for a lovely demo. Recently I have been reading and rereading the new Corpora and the new mission statement. I have been trying to figure out what I would do to create the environments of the middle ages. 
I decided to do so I should play games and talk to people. Your Demo was a perfect day at the faire for me. Her Excellency. Mistress Cathrine and I  played backgammon and talked to people showing off our new clothes and jewelry.  Sitting on piece of brocade  like the Romances and  in our period chairs. We then walked the faire talking to people. The only thing not period was getting our pictures taken like we were Minnie Mouse. Some day ask me about the older gentleman and my conversation  about what  Ladies wear under their gowns. 
Many, many people came and talked to us about what they liked about the Middle Ages and the study of History. One lovely girl started her conversation with "Pray thee may I speak." We would talk to people for a while then turn them over to the Demo staff for the intro into the SCA and a flier. I really hope these people show up at our events. I spend hours talking to them and nothing really mundane came up.
I had a wonderful time and I hope I can do it again. I know that Demo are usally very mundane and all Business, but I was playing my dream and I had fun.
 I hope I didn't upset the people working so hard. I was a good bird dog and did bring you people.
bark, bark! 
Thank you and those of you who did just a great job. 
Duchess Willow de Wisp.
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