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Dreifuerst, Dina dreifuerst at
Mon Jan 17 14:07:13 PST 2000

Greetings all from Lady Devnet, Coastal Treasurer.

I'm trying to decide where and when to teach the
treasurer's class in the coming months.  While I
know of some people and areas that have expressed
interest in the class, I expect that there are
others I haven't heard from.

If you or someone you know wants to take the
treasurer's class, please provide me with a list
of the Coastal events where you'd like to have 
the class taught.

I will definitely be at Seawinds' Siege of the
Mission, Westgate's Winter Collegium, and Greywood's
Spring Melees.  I can teach classes at any of these
events if there is sufficient interest.  Please 
contact me asap, so I may make arrangements with 
the Autocrat(s), if need be.

In service,

Devnet macShiehie			Dina Dreifuerst
Coastal Region Treasurer	Houston, Texas
Stargate, Ansteorra		dreifuerst at

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