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Richard Culver rbculver at
Fri Jan 21 08:02:26 PST 2000

Wesan ge hál!

  I am Cyniríc Cyniwarding from the Canton of Glaslyn, Barony of Steppes.  I 
had met some people at the U of H fighter practice this summer (the guy with 
the little blonde haired boy with two different coloured eyes named Ric).

   I was just curious what type of weekend gathering might take place on 
weekends in Stargate.  My son still lives there and it would be nice to, on 
occasion, meet up with some of the populace when I am down on the weekends I 
can get down there.  Once my armour is complete I am willing to get in a few 
pick up fights too.

Godspeed and thanks for your time,
(mka= Richard Culver)

P.S.:  I also do a quite a bit of research on Early Anglian dialects and 
history I people would just like to talk over lunch.

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