CR - Stargate's Costumer's guild

Ledonna Wallace tavy at
Sat Jan 22 09:08:40 PST 2000


Here is the list of topics for the costumer's guild for the next couple
of months:

February 14th - finishing techniques
March 13th - summer clothes
April 10th - documentation of clothing
May 8th - accessories that make the outfit
June 12th - getting ready to teach a class at King's College on the 17th
of June

These are not set in stone and do not have to be the only topic that is
discussed that night but they are a starting place.  If you would like
to attend or if you are interested in being a presenter (Hint, HINT)
please contact me at

tavy at

The guild meets on the second Monday of each month (unless Stargate's
populace is moved to that night because of a Holiday on their night) at
7:00 at my home.


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