ANST-Announce - Much Lost and Found (long)

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Sun Jan 23 11:13:28 PST 2000

Greetings to you all,
    The decorations are all put away, the paperwork is all done, and we have great memories.  There is one more task left to be done... Things were left behind that need to be returned.  
    Below is a list of things in Elfsea's possession from several events.  Any unclaimed items will be put in a silent auction at Elfsea's Spring Faire in May, 2000.  Look at the list carefully there's a lot of stuff.  If you think that any of these items might belong to you, email me privately or telephone me (my phone number is in the Black Star).    

Lady Arabella de Montacute
Steward for Winter Coronation 2000
Co Steward ATYC July 1999
Steward Elfsea Defender 1998

Left After Coronation January 2000

  1.. Medium sized wicker basket with one handle and 1 lid on each end of basket. Contents: Express shot camera, small dagger, gold cord, a book Lucet, Braiding Variations on a Renaissance Cord, a small white child's sock, a small while silky drawstring bag, package of safety pins, wooden box with paint boxes, assorted paints in a plastic tray
  2.. very large pewter tankard with a lid holding at least a Liter of liquid
  3.. light brown plastic stemware goblet
  4.. dark brown coffee cup
  5.. ceramic mug light gray glaze
  6.. pewter tankard
  7.. medium sized dark brown glazed ceramic mug with ford 97 on the bottom
  8.. white ceramic mug
  9.. pink plastic coat hanger
  10.. 1 small wicker basket with 1 handle
  11.. 1 small pink yellow and white teddy bear
  12.. 1 small wooden recorder
  13.. spoon and knife wooden handled
  14.. white oval serged edge veil
  15.. Samsung US Sprint Cell phone - you identify the phone number on the back and it's yours
  16.. black man's red leather palm winter glove
  17.. Disney If You Met Jasmine book
  18.. About 1 ½ yards of white cloth
  19.. Oh boy. there will be penance to be paid for this one..1 unadorned gold link chain
  20.. Ladies Black flat cap with a comb sewn inside
  21.. 3 navy blue napkins
  22.. 17 inch white linen napkin
  23.. 1 brown 14 inch napkin
  24.. 1 beaded fish hook ear ring
  25.. silver ring with light blue stone
  26.. silver ring with dark oval stone and two small diamonds
  27.. red glass stone
  28.. closed package of black plastic utility clips
  29.. small silver jewelry box with a rose on top was a present with gift wrap still attached
  30.. stainless steel dinner knife
  31.. goldish brown sash
  32.. one very large acorn
  33.. 2 folding light brown aluminum chairs with green canvas
Left After Steppes 12th Night Jan 2000

1. - Medium size Brown Cloth Shoulder Bag: contents: Makeup and a book by Andre Norton The Scent of Magic

2. - Zippered Make-Up-Bag containing: make-up - assorted Middle Eastern jewelry - zills - zip lock bag of orange beads, red brush. 

Left After Elfsea Defender September 1999

  1.. small ceramic goblet with three etched flowers on the side
  2.. a braided sable falcon
  3.. 18 inch polished rock necklace
  4.. Rolling Thunder Wheel - See Darius of the Bells
Left After ATYC - July 1999

  1.. wire frame glasses
  2.. emergency diabetic necklace
  3.. fillet with green stones
  4.. rolling thunder leather necklace
  5.. pearl and gold pin
  6.. dagger
  7.. leather hat
  8.. pottery book
  9.. marshaling tool
  10.. gorget <dog collar?>
  11.. 2 red chairs
  12.. 2 wooden chairs
  13.. 1 wooden table
  14.. 1 green chair
  15.. yellow rope
  16.. orange extension cord
  17.. water boda
  18.. black belt
  19.. Swiss army knife
  20.. small rattan staff
  21.. 2 paper fans 
  22.. clip board
  23.. glove
  24.. T-shirt dress (black)
  25.. wooden beads
  26.. bobbin lace
  27.. big black shirt
  28.. gold and purple banner with poles
  29.. blue horse blanket
  30.. purple feather fan
  31.. tripod
  32.. portable hole
  33.. gavel
  34.. pink hat
  35.. 2 table cloths
  36.. 4 napkins
  37.. rose bowl <pewter>
  38.. 2 wooden bowls
  39.. 3 mugs ceramic
  40.. glass mug
  41.. pewter mug
  42.. silver plate
  43.. cobalt blue glass
  44.. 3 ceramic Inca-looking cups
  45.. bamboo coasters
  46.. 2 sets of flat ware
  47.. pewter goblet
  48.. Aztec-looking bronze cup
  49.. plastic tray
  50.. silver tray
  51.. wooden tray

Left After Elfsea Defender 1998

  1.. small white basket
  2.. black suede leather pouch with copper and brass plate on flap
  3.. black elbow pad
  4.. pair of black silver glazed ceramic cups
  5.. heavy brass fillet
  6.. white ceramic mug
  7.. aluminum mug with plastic bottom
  8.. brass bell
  9.. Japanese fan with pheasants painted on the paper
  10.. large white ceramic mug
  11.. carved wooden (looks like a handgrenade) mug
  12.. canvas paisley director's chair back
  13.. light green hand towel
  14.. large black belt
  15.. red nylon cord
  16.. pair of glasses
  17.. small GE flash light
  18.. white leather mug strap
  19.. hammer
  20.. yellow brown and red scarf
  21.. digital watch (that's still working)
  22.. glass beads on wire necklace
  23.. Middle Eastern bracelet
  24.. thistle decoration
  25.. hair brush
  26.. ear ring with a feather on it
  27.. animal pelt pouch contains:2 brass bracelets, black and white beaded necklace
  28.. plaid black and white arming cap
  29.. white canvas chair back
  30.. small bag of aluminum tent stakes (for small dome tent)
  31.. green and white favor with embroidered rose with a button with a red blue and green stone
  32.. red and white ice chest with handle
  33.. green directors chair with 1 arm
  34.. 2 plastic kid's swords
  35.. folding camp potty with white seat and disposable bag
  36.. wooden camp stool with a blue canvas seat
  37.. very beat up tent pole

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