CR - Troll at SummerThing

Darlene Vandever hlannes at
Fri Jul 28 06:06:44 PDT 2000

 Greetings unto the Lists!

This is a shameless plea for your help.  I am Head Troll (I know, I know...what else?) for SummerThing.  I will need a few folks to sit with and for me as I will be teaching a class (Aphrodisiacs in Period-woo-woo!!) and I also will be having a table for the Kingdom Stock Clerk as that is my new position with kingdom.  

If you intend to come to SummerThing and you would like to sit at Troll for an hour or so, please contact me privately.  I will be ever so grateful!  (Special stuff just for those who help me out)  Until then, I remain...

In Service,

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