CR - Class and Supper

Darlene Vandever hlannes at
Fri Jul 28 06:22:40 PDT 2000

 Greetings unto the Lists!

I apologize for the short notice.

Tonight at 7 pm as previously announced Hancock Fabrics at Jones Rd at 1960 will be having their Renaissance Festival Costuming class.

I intend to be there.

Before I go to the class, I intend to eat supper.  I have two places in mind and if someone wants to join me, they can look for me in one of these two places about 6 pm.

One place is the Arby's just south of 1960 on Jones road.

The other place may or may not be still there.  There used to be a Pancho's restaurant right next to the Hancock Fabric store that will be holding the class.  If that restaurant is still there, I will be there because of its location near the place the class will be.  If it is no longer there, then I will be at the Arby's mentioned above.

Hope to see you there!

Until then, I remain...

In Service,


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