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Mon Jul 31 06:56:41 PDT 2000

Lady Melanie,

There are a number of plastics suppliers in the Houston area.  However, if
you are thinking of Kydex, it is actually more expensive than leather...
Its only advantage is its formability with heat, but wouldn't you prefer a
period material? :)

Ulsted, who's been turned to the authentic side by the dark lord, Sir

ps - For cost reasons, you might think about polyethylene (the most common
source is the barrels that soap for car washes comes in - it is most often
white or light blue).  (No, Alexis, don't hit me any more...) ;)

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> Does anyone have a source locally for Kydex or other heavy 
> imapct resistant
> plastic that might be used for armor purposes?
> Lady Melanie de la Croix
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