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Melanie Black thanatos at
Mon Jul 31 14:26:43 PDT 2000

Well, I was not aware that it was expensive. Forget that. I'm looking for
cheap, as I am trying to work with a few newbies to get them armored up.

Certainly, period materials are always preferable, though I like the idea of
a coat of plates using plastic plates instead of steel, due to weight
considerations and since you done see them from the outside.


P.S.. do you know where I can get a pattern for the mitten type gauntlets
that are made with a couple big dishes lames instead of the series of small
ones. I picked up some steel and want to try to make some, but I don't want
to fiddle with a bunch of lames.

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> Lady Melanie,
> There are a number of plastics suppliers in the Houston area.  However, if
> you are thinking of Kydex, it is actually more expensive than leather...
> Its only advantage is its formability with heat, but wouldn't you prefer a
> period material? :)
> Ulsted, who's been turned to the authentic side by the dark lord, Sir
> Alexis...
> ps - For cost reasons, you might think about polyethylene (the most common
> source is the barrels that soap for car washes comes in - it is most often
> white or light blue).  (No, Alexis, don't hit me any more...) ;)
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> >
> > Does anyone have a source locally for Kydex or other heavy
> > imapct resistant
> > plastic that might be used for armor purposes?
> >
> >
> > Lady Melanie de la Croix
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