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Kim Tucker neassa at
Tue May 16 21:30:02 PDT 2000

Greetings unto our dear friends from Michael and Neassa,

As many of you have already heard we did announce Saturday night at Loch
Guardian that we will be stepping down as Baron and Baroness of Stargate
this September, at Stargate's Baronial Championship.

This was a difficult decision for us, simply because we are not tired of
this office; we are still having a wonderful time. We have really been
looking forward to Baronial Championship, and Yule Revel, and Gulf War
X, and... There is so much to do and we love it, but we also want to
allow someone else to have the same opportunities that we have had, to
both serve and lead the most wonderful Barony and Cantons in the

So on that note, we decided that at five years it was time to share. We
have spoken with Their Majesties and Their Highnesses and have the
following timetable worked out:

Announcement: Loch Guardian, May 13

Announcement is published in the Two Towers: June 1

Applications accepted until: Kingdom Warlord/Bordermarch Baronial, June

Interviews for applicants: June 10 through July 9, possibly longer
depending upon the number of applicants. It's our understanding that
Their Majesties and Their Highnesses will be available to interview
applicants at Kingdom Warlord, and may be available at some or all of
the following events:

June 17 - King's College / Stone Bridge Keep
June 24 - Known World Heraldic Symposium / Westgate
July  8 - Rapier Academy / Seawinds

They will contact the applicants to arrange specific interview times and
places, but we expect interviews to be conducted at the above events.

Polling of the populace: July populace meeting, July 3, at Heights

Announcement of heirs: Pending Their Majesties and Their Highnesses

Investiture Court: Stargate Baronial, September 9

When we accepted this position we said that we would like to be Baron
and Baroness for three to five years. We find that we would enjoy
staying in office longer, but it is time to pass on the Coronets.

In Service and With Love,
Michael and Neassa
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