CR - Final weekend at TRF

Gerald L. Norris Jr. jerryn at
Mon Nov 13 15:36:36 PST 2000

Greetings unto all from HL Gerald of Leesville, deputy liaison for the SCA
presence at the Texas Rennaisance Festival.

Last weekend was sponsored jointly by the cantons of Westgate and Gate's
Edge and there was an excellent turnout by the cantons as well as  our
"regular" participants.  A hearty round of vivats to all involved.  There
were 9 chivalric fighters on the mound for both days and eight rapier
fighters, providing a good demonstration of our martial arts.

Our artisans and performers were not lax in their efforts, either.  There
were varous displays of A&S projects throughout the compound, from beadwork
to lapidery to weaving.  Our performers shown in front of the compound as
well as within, and all had a wonderful time.  Her Excellency Lissa provided
a Saturday feast of "Stone Soup" which was quickly devoured.

The weather held off until Sunday afternoon (after court, thankfully).
Their Excellencies Stargate gave the final court for the season.  Overall
prizes were given for the fighting during the season, with Lord Askell
receiving the prize for the chivalric fighting and Lord Alessandro receiving
for the rapier.  Special mention was made of Mistress Shahanahan, one of the
"Nine Worthies", who has returned to playing with the SCA and will soon be
moving to Gate's Edge.  Another overal prize for Bardic was given to Lord
Raibaid (known as Robert) who played dulcimer, sang songs and gregorian
chants, and told stories throughout the season.

Thanks were given by the Liaison and deputy liaison for everyone's hard
work, giving wordfame where possible to the various coordinators in

As with all other things, this season had it's ups and downs, with weather
being our most prominent obstacle, but as with all other things the SCA
involves itself in, we came through in good style come rain or shine.  For
this year we handed out approximately 1250 flyers for general SCA contact
information, along with another 300 flyers/handouts from the various
baronies who provided us with such.  That's approximately 1550 contacts, and
we haven't got a final count of names for contact information yet, but we
averaged about 60 names per weekend.

My thanks go to all who helped during the season, whether during contruction
phases for the roofs or during the actual season in coming out and
demonstrating their arts.  And now I start to worry about next season (heh).

In service to the dream with a song in my heart, I am
Gerald L. Norris Jr. -- Houston, Tx.
Gerald of Leesville, a bard of Stargate -- Kingdom  :  Ansteorra
Husband, father, lover, singer, writer

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