CR - Directions to Squire's and Cadet's

Galen Bevel galenbv at
Tue Nov 28 19:43:58 PST 2000

Since I have had several requests for directions to the Squire's site, I thought it might be best to post them here.

 Basically, find your best route to the intersection of Highway 290 (running northwest out of Houston to Austin) and Hwy 6 (running north to Bryan/CollegeStation and Waco).  The road to the site goes east off of Hwy 6, just north of this main intersection.  And I do mean _just_ north of the intersection.  There is a freeway exit off of Hwy 290 coming west from Houston turning north and merging onto Hwy 6 going north.  The road to the site is about 50-100' past where this exit joins Hwy 6.  The site is about 1/2 east of the highway, on the south side.  There will be signs on 290, both ways, and hwy 6 coming from the north, one at the road to the site, and one at the entrance.
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