CR - Introductions from the NEW Coastal Knight Marshal.

David Jurgens djurgens at
Mon Feb 26 09:22:29 PST 2001

Greetings unto the Seneschals and Knight Marshals or the Coastal Region.

I would like to introduce myself.  I am Sir Godwin of Edington Baron of
Stargate and the new Coastal Regional Knight Marshal.  I would like to thank
Sir Cian for taking care of the duties of this office before me.  I would
also ask that all local Knight Marshals please send me their contact
information so that I can send in current information to update the
Marshallate database.  I have the files from Sir Cian and have heard from
some of you since I took over in January.  Everyone, please assume that I do
not know who you are and send me the following information:

SCA Name
Modern Name
Mailing address
E-mail address
Telephone number

I would also like for every Knight Marshal to send me copy of their SCA
membership card.  I would like to update the files with copies of your
current cards.  Seneschals, if the office of Knight Marshal is in
transition, please inform me of this fact and a brief report on the marshal
activities of your group.  

I need to hear from each group ASAP.  I know that this message is late, and
I take responsibility and offer my apologies, but I need to have contact
information by March 1, 2001.  That is "this" Thursday!!  If you know that
your Knight Marshal and/or Seneschal is not on this list, please make
contact them and pass this message along.

Here is my contact information:

Sir Godwin of Edington
David W. Jurgens
3003 Bernadette Lane
Houston, Texas 77043
sirgodwin at

Thank you all for your prompt replies.

In Service to Kingdom and Crown

Sir Godwin of Edington
Coastal Knight Marshal
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