[Coastal] Extra Bonus To Demo

William de Clare rigali at email.com
Fri May 11 23:25:03 PDT 2001

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 Greetings Again,
     We were given permission today to begin set-up at 1:00 PM tomorrow. I contacted some of the local news stations and papers but nothing was assured of their appearance. We saw the movie tonight and the theater was over packed. One other bonus - tomorrow is the Brooks & Dunn concert. They will have to park at the mall and pass right by our demo, if we get to stay long enough (about 5:00-5:30). This will give us extra heavy exposure.

The movie: I really enjoyed the movie except the costumes and soundtrack. Watch out for the Saturday Knight Fever scene. It suppose to be about Sir Ulrich von Litchfield (can't recall his name) "The Venus Knight". It is not historical by any means except many famous names that are used. It was very action packed and well worth the price of the ticket. It will definitely excite many viewers about us.

I hope to see many tomorrow,

William de Clare


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