[Coastal] Kingdom Warlord

Terri Walker isabeauq at ev1.net
Mon May 14 16:21:13 PDT 2001

And the King sent riders throughout the lands - to the east - to the
west - to the north and to the south.
All carried the same message. . .all cried the King's query:

Who will be my Warlord?

The Barony of Stargate is pleased to announce that it is hosting Kingdom
Warlord on June 13-15 at Livingston Third Monday Trade Days.  All
chivalric fighters from far and near gather with us and be prepared to
show your best skills and compete for the honor and glory of becoming
Kingdom Warlord.

We extend this invitation to join with us in the King's search for
Kingdom Warlord and enjoy all the events we have planned for the day.
One of the events to be included is a heavy rapier tournament.  It is
sponsored by the Academy of St. George with the Format announced on site
the day of the event.

After a day of fun and festivities join us for refreshing light
sideboard feast.  For detailed information visit please our web site at

In service to Kingdom and Barony,
Lady Isabeau Quiquandon, Co-Event Steward
(m/k/a Terri Walker)
isabeauq at ev1.net

HL Ihon Vinson macFergus, Co-Event Steward
(m/k/a John Hirling)
jhirling at houston.rr.com

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