[Coastal] Calling all our wonderful Artisans

Sig. Mea Passavanti Ldy_Passavanti at ev1.net
Mon Nov 4 19:14:53 PST 2002

As I am certain you all know, Autumn melees is upon us soon in the fair
Barony of Bordermarch. We will also be graced by visiting Royals from
both Meridies and Trimaris.  In order to commemorate their visit to our
glorious lands, her Excellency Bordermarch would like to present them
with gift baskets to ensure that their pleasant memories linger long
after they have departed. If you have anything you would be able to
contribute, please contact me off list so that I may co-ordinate this
for her Excellency. She is particularly interested in anything with an
oriental flair, or those items that have a particular "ansteorran"

Many thanks to all of you who can contribute. It is much appreciated.

In service,

Ldy Mea Passavanti
Ldy_passavanti at ev1.net

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