[Coastal] Baby and Adoption Shower

Kim Tucker neassa at swbell.net
Wed Nov 6 21:58:22 PST 2002

Greetings from Mistress Neassa the Obstreperous,

This weekend at Three Kings, hosted by the Shire of Rosenfeld, we are
expecting beautiful fighting weather. But... several ladies from the
Coast of Ansteorra are predicting that we will have at least one Shower
on Saturday afternoon, a Shower to welcome Baron Fritz and Baroness
Catrin's lovely new daughter, Brittany, and also to welcome their new
baby who is due to arrive in late December.

The Shower will be held under a pavilion by the fighting field at a time
convenient for Her Excellency Catrin, most likely sometime in the early
afternoon. We will have cake and something refreshing to drink for all
who join in this celebration of life and love. Neassa loves silly shower
games so one or two are sure to pop up somewhere along the way.

If you wish to bring a gift to welcome Brittany and the new baby (Fritz
and Catrin still don't know if it is a boy or a girl!), you can find
gift registries with Babies 'R Us and with Target for the wee one. The
little one's nursery will be the resting place of many lucky lady bugs
and dragonflies...  Rumor has it that Brittany, who is seven, is very
fond of books, the color red, and Barbie. She also informed us that she
likes cake. The hostesses have definitely got the "cake" part covered.

We ask that each gentle person bring his or her own chair to the party,
and also a mug or goblet if you have one handy. This message was sent to
the Steppes list and to the Coastal Region; please feel free to pass it
on to anyone else you think would enjoy joining us for this festive

With love,

Baroness Neassa
Baroness Cateau
Lady Katya
Baroness Lissa

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