[Coastal] Thank You from the Crown and Coronet Tavern

Stephen Macthomas macthomas at houston.rr.com
Sat Nov 9 10:08:23 PST 2002

Greetings unto the Kingdom:

Recently I had the pleasure of serving Ansteorra as the proprietor of the
Crown and Coronet Tavern at Crown Tournament.  I have heard many positive
comments regarding how the tavern looked and ran and how the food was.  I
must give thanks where it is due.

Overall, there were more than 30 gentles that contributed to the tavern in
one way or another.  For their contributions and service, I wish to thank
Caitlin, Chocho, Cynethreth, Deborah, Detlef, Galiana, Jody, Klare,
Lisabetta, Maryelaine, Rhodri, Seraphina, Tristan and Willam.  But wait,
there's more.  Bear with me, I beg you.

On Sunday, Their Majesties Patrick Michael and Julia returned to site and
helped with the tear-down.  In addition, They were the ones that gave
permission for us to use the name "Crown and Coronet" for this event.  Thank
You, Your Majesties, for your generosity and assistance.

Lord Brian macCael and Lady Cecilie die Artztin headed up the nobles' lunch
and, once they were done, donated their extra food to the tavern.  Lady
Cecilie also made the Persian mint tea that was so well received.  Thanks to
both of these wonderful people for their contributions.

Lady Elspet Arbuthnoth contributed significantly to the planning of the
tavern.  Though mundanity prevented her from taking a larger part in things,
a lot of what you saw was originally her idea and I want to give her credit
for her advice and suggestions.

Master Geoffrey Cathan volunteered his services as our coffee merchant and
did a rousing business during the day.  He kept a lot of otherwise cold and
wet people warm and dry.  He also had hot chocolate, which I believe was the
favored children's activity of the event.

Don Iago Cabrera de Cadiz led the games that were held in the tavern
throughout the day.  He and his team did a wonderful job of adding to the
feel of the tavern and, I understand, collected a large sum of crown bits
for their efforts.

Mistress Kaitlyn McKenna is mostly responsible for the tavern looking the
way that it did.  She's also the one that created the picture menu that we
got so many comments on.  Without her, the patrons would have been fed, but
it would have looked a mess.  Thank you, Kaitlyn, for wrangling our ambience
so skillfully.

Thanks also to Lord Thomas and Lady Kemma for lending their freezer both
before and during the event (yep, there was a freezer back there!) and to
Baron Godwin and Baroness Lissa, Master Francois and Madame Perronnelle, and
HL Gerald and HL Caitlin for lending their cookstoves.  Not only did you all
provide us all with hot water, hot cider and all the soups, together you
made the kitchen the second warmest place to be on site.  Thanks also to
Lord Vaclav and Lady Vasalisa for letting us use their hearth, the single
warmest place to be on site.

Lord Carluccio de Baia and Joan Briggs were instrumental members of the
crew.  They both attended most of the prep days, both helped set up and take
down the tavern, and both worked throughout the day.  Carluccio tended the
stoves and Joan did a little bit of everything, from serving to scullery to
acquiring needed supplies during the day.

There are also a couple of people that I believe merit special recognition,
these being Ethan and Kiersten.  Ethan was also an essential member of the
prep crew, and both set up and took down and worked all day in the tavern.
Kiersten was one of our servers and Ethan was the one tending the hearth.
They're the ones that you probably didn't recognize.  That's because they
live in the Barony of the Forgotten Sea in Calontir.  They came in for the
wedding and just jumped right in without being asked.  They're amazing
people and Calontir is lucky to have them in their lands.

Last, and most of all, I wish to thank my lovely ladywife, Lady Tegan
Gwyllt.  My mundane life blossomed literally the day after accepting this
responsibility and she was there through every trial and tribulation that we
went through.  She researched the menus, she led the shopping team, she
headed up the prep crew, and she worked hard through every aspect of the
tavern.  She kept me sane and focused and none of this would have happened
without her extensive contribution.  (She and HL Annes headed up the gate as
well.)  During all of the planning for the tavern, she and I were also
planning a wedding and were married the Thursday before the event.  Though
she was never so in title, in practice she absolutely was my
co-tavernkeeper.  Almost every comment we received started with "Next time
you do this ..." so Tegan and I are contemplating our next tavern together -
somewhere down the road a ways, though.

Thank you, Ansteorra.  You who were the patrons truly made the Crown and
Coronet Tavern the success that it was.  (Perhaps with a little assist from
the weather.)  On behalf of the entire staff that put on the tavern, I thank

In your service,
Lord Stephen Macthomas
Co-Proprietor, Crown and Coronet Tavern

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