[Coastal] Loch Solleir Yule Feast - no more reservations available

John F Steelquist ulsted at juno.com
Tue Nov 26 18:55:48 PST 2002

Sorry Folks,
The earlier message titled Loch Yule Feast - Standby should have included
some text.

As of today, I can take no more reservations for the feast.  Everyone is
welcome to come to the event Saturday, December 7th.  A standby list will
be available at gate.  Typically, not everyone who has reserved will be
able to attend and I expect a few reservations will open up.  Those
reservations which are not claimed will be released late Saturday
afternoon.  I am looking forward to a day of revelry with my friends,
both old and new.

Baroness Cateau

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