[Coastal] Scribal Challange

lisabetta/kimberly lisabetta at ansteorra.net
Mon Oct 21 10:36:12 PDT 2002

In an effort to enrich our Kingdom's Scribal community,

I am sponsoring a Scribal Challenge.

I have heard many times " When are we getting something new to paint" or Why
isn't there more interesting stuff to paint? " So let's do something about
it. I issue each of you to make master charters for either the Kingdom or
the three Baronies.

See me for  the text for the baronial awards.

The Categories are as follows:

A)   Original period Kingdom Level Award Scroll

B)   Original Period Baronial Award Scroll

C)    Original Scroll by a new Scribe

Entries can be a combined effort I.e ones does the illumination and one does
the calligraphy. Documentation is required.

The challenge will run from Dec 1 to May 17th at the Loch Soillier Baronial
Defender. I would like a few of the long time scribes to step forward an
assist in judging this challenge.

Please look in your Blackstar in the

coming months for more information.

Please contact me with any questions.

In Service I remain,

Lady Lisabetta Micola da Monte

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