[Coastal] October's Yule Planning Meeting

lisabetta/kimberly lisabetta at ansteorra.net
Mon Oct 21 10:31:26 PDT 2002

We are having a Yule planning meeting on October 24th (that is this
Thursday)  at 7pm at Godwin's and Lissa's.  We hope to see everyone
there as we would like reports on your respective departments.
We have 2 populace meetings left before Yule. If you expect to have
people working with you, lets start getting them lined up and not wait
for them to volunteer at the last minute. If you already have your lists of
crew, We would also like a copy of it. This includes people to sit gate,
work in the kitchen, setup and decorate, takedown and clean, judges
for competitions, merchants, heralds, etc If you are interested in helping
out with the event please contact Alden or Myself and we will hook you
up with the right person.

If you are staff, and you can't make it please let either Alden or myself
know ASAP.

If there's anything people are needing or wanting at Yule, please let me or
Alden know ASAP so we can work it into the plan.  We thank you all for
your support and hard work.

In service,

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