[Coastal] Silent Auction for TRF benefit

Linda Bratina bratina at sbcglobal.net
Wed Oct 30 06:02:15 PST 2002

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Greetings unto the populace of the known world,

As many of you are aware, the SCA' s longest running and largest demonstration, takes place each and every year, for seven weekends, at the Texas Renaissance Festival.  We acquire many new players from their contact with us at the Texas Renaissance Festival.  Added to this, we are given the opportunity to give thousands of people a small glimpse into what actually went into living in those by gone days.

After so many years we are in need of a lot of repairs and up keep at the compound that we, The SCA, use exclusively.  The only way that we can make these repairs is through the money and supplies we receive through donations and fund raisers.  We have been cordially invited by the populace of the Canton of Gate's Edge, to have a silent auction at their coming event, the "Cour d'Amour", which takes place on November 22 - 24 at Camp Camwood.

I would like to ask anyone that may be able to, to donate items that we may auction off, in order to raise funds to help in the repair and upkeep of the SCA compound at Texas Renaissance Festival, so that we may give the best impression possible, of our organization.  I would also like to ask everyone to come by the silent auction at the "Cour d'Amour, and look at what we have, and if possible, to place their bids.  I would also like to humbly express my gratitude to the populace of Gate's Edge and the Autocrat of the Cour d'Amour, for offering us this opportunity.

Thank you one and all.

You may contact me with any donations that you would care to make to the auction for the TRF repair fund at
trf_deputyliaison at hotmail.com or lancastercommunity at sbcglobal.net or bratina at sbcglobal.net or you may call me at 281-647-8122 during the evening or leave a message or you may contact me during the day at my place of employment at 281-858-1449, I answer the phone, so it isn't a problem.

Yours in Service to the Dream,
Lady Annalies Pferdehirt
TRF Deputy Liaison

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