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Here are my notes from our last post-GW party:
Post Gulf Wars Meeting Notes
1. easal board for shopping list; use bulletin board and paper list so it
won't be erased
2. use board for cooking menus and shopping lists
3. line up stoves on one table
4. bring extra shelves for dish drying rack
5. use walls or tarp to close gaps in common area tent roof
6. dig trench around kitchen and common area
7. use 3 square tubs for washing dishes, not sink or collapsible tubs
8. for the shower - need more water pressure and it requires batteries.
Galen and Godwin will work on better enclosure and  2 pallets (I've been
told that the shower will remain the same this year.  Just remember that we
survived it fine last year.)
9. new torches for main trench-pathway
10. bring hay for dining room floor
11. Do not plan to so projects at war.  Everything must be done before going
12. Everyone needs to help Lissa with takedown since Godwin will be working
as landocrat.  Just take down and fold neatly. Do not pack.  (Lissa won't be
going this year, but Godwin will probably still need our help.)
13. Plant grass seed in winter, rye in November.  Also add lime to lower the
acidity level.  Go back in spring and plant bermuda grass and fertilize.
14. rent kitchen tent for $200
15. call and invite Cantons over to visit our common area
16. keep putting period pavilions on the outside to look nicer from road
17. chafing dishes are good. bring lots
18. need to build power box with mariene batteries
19. Godwin will look into getting approval for our getting power & water
into camp

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Hey all going to GW and camping in the Coastal area.
I know that last year we seemed to have duplications of papersupplies and
spices, but the 3 or 4
different cooking groups seemed to work out.  You may want to get your 'head
together sometime, to see that too much duplication doesn't happen, where
sharing works better.

I thought a few items of furniture, made the area work well: tables, shelves
for food and paper
stocks, the large trash bin, the large busboy plastic tubs for cleanup, and
of course the various
hoses to make cleanup work better.   I think we also need more lanterns, in
the dining area, seems
we ran a bit short.  We ran out of propane small canisters for the lanterns.

The one thing we did NOT do last year, was to trench the cook/dining area,
and when the rain hit
midweek, the ground was a muddy mess. We were pretty good about handling the
tent area, but forgot
the common tent.   So, add that to the list.

And I think papersupplies and some spices should be stored in rubbermaid
tubs or lots of ziplock
bags on those shelving units, as when it got wet, everything got a quiet
Cheers, Hillary

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