[Coastal] GW Cook tent

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 11 11:37:27 PST 2004

Hey all going to GW and camping in the Coastal area. 
I know that last year we seemed to have duplications of papersupplies and spices, but the 3 or 4
different cooking groups seemed to work out.  You may want to get your 'head coordinators'
together sometime, to see that too much duplication doesn't happen, where sharing works better.   

I thought a few items of furniture, made the area work well: tables, shelves for food and paper
stocks, the large trash bin, the large busboy plastic tubs for cleanup, and of course the various
hoses to make cleanup work better.   I think we also need more lanterns, in the dining area, seems
we ran a bit short.  We ran out of propane small canisters for the lanterns.  

The one thing we did NOT do last year, was to trench the cook/dining area, and when the rain hit
midweek, the ground was a muddy mess. We were pretty good about handling the tent area, but forgot
the common tent.   So, add that to the list. 

And I think papersupplies and some spices should be stored in rubbermaid tubs or lots of ziplock
bags on those shelving units, as when it got wet, everything got a quiet soggy.   
Cheers, Hillary 

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