[Coastal] Coastal Guard at Gulf Wars

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 24 10:25:39 PST 2004

With changes at Gulf Wars in the way Security is being administered this year; per discussion on
another list, each campsite area may wish to establish their own 'Guard'.  While it's always a
good idea to keep your most important valuables on your person (ie. money); this may be good way
to secure the camps.  I propose that the Coastal Region set up a 'Coastal Guard' (couldn't resist
the similarity to 'Coast Guard' <grin>).

Stargate and other groups own walkie-talkies, so one could be left for the on-duty 'Coastal Guard'
to use if any problems.  Our Coastal Liaison, Galen, considers this a good idea, but would need a
deputy 'Head Guard' to handle it (setup a schedule, secure the walkie-talkie, keep batteries on
hand for the unit, etc.). 

So, is there any interest in setting up a 'Coastal Guard'?  The Head Guard would setup 4-6hour
shifts to stay at the Coastal camp, and do a periodic walk through/around the camp to ensure
nothing is amiss?   

Anyone interested in taking lead on this project? 

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