[Coastal] Coastal Guard at Gulf Wars

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 25 09:49:19 PST 2004

I'm sorry if my request seemed paranoid or got folks in a quandry, that was not my intention.   

Background: Some of the new personnel staff running things for Trimaris this year are planning
changes; including the new guy running security, Jarl Syr Ailgheanan mac Sithigh. Security is now
called 'The Watch'.  He posted a request to the peerage lists, seeking staff, along with some of
the ideas he had for running the security office; some may work, some may not.  

Jarl Syr's post led to discussions from those who've worked security (Kein, Keif, etc) at other
major wars, Pennsic and Estrella, including GW, and some of those tales are not pretty.  It was
noted that large households often keep a camp guard, and it sounded like a good idea to me; and
probably something the regions should have been doing all along.  So I asked Galen about it; Galen
agreed, but would need a deputy to do it as his plate was already full... so therefore my post.   

The duty of 'Coastal Guard' would be just within the Coastal camp area, basically simple stuff,
keep an eye on any firepits, tents are not disturbed, etc.  Sadly the time for each shift will not
count as volunteer points, but you will have the appreciation of your fellow campers.  Maybe we
can donate items to a prize basket, and those doing 'Guard' hours would pick from the basket on
the last day. 

So the idea for a 'Coastal Guard' may have been initiated by the change in personel at 'The
Watch', it's not a direct result of said changes, but rather of ideas borne from other wars.  
I thought I'd give the opportunity to set it up to someone in the Coastal area, as I know there
are loads of service oriented folks out there <grin>.  Should be pretty simple, set a schedule,
and duties (work that out with Galen), and then advertise the job to fill the hours, handle the
raffle at the end.   If no one wants to do this, then I guess my idea, my job.  

In service, Hillary 

--- "Jakl, Scott A9" <scott.a9.jakl at lmco.com> wrote:
> Hi Hillary,
> I was wondering the same thing as Eadric, and am now wondering if there is a need to keep the
> reason for increased security private.  I would appreciate it if you would provide further
> background details to me, or preferably to the Coastal list.
> Thank you,
> Tristan von Heidelberg
> From: "Eadric Anstapa" <eadric at scabrewer.com>
> > I am not questioning the wisdom of having a guard  but  I am
> > wondering...
> > 
> > What changes have been made to the way security is being
> > administered that would lead us to believe that there will be more
> > security concerns this year?
> > Regards,
> > HL Eadric Anstapa

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