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We are anxiously awaiting war!  How do we know where to go for camping once we arrive?  Did you manage to get the group from Seawinds a spot to camp together?
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"Galen W. Bevel" <galenbv at ix.netcom.com> wrote:

Below is a somewhat messy list of those who have requested land within the Coastal encampment at Gulf Wars.  If you wish to camp with Coastal and do not see your name listed, please send me your information ASAP. (Sorry for the formatting, it copied nasty from the database and this is all I had time to do right now).
Graf Galen
Coastal Land Coordinator
SCAname MundaneName Group
Aaron Whitewolf  Ron Bentley Bordermarch
Kamela Hargrove  Kim Bentley Bordermarch
Simon of Amber Isle   Ben Lee Bordermarch 
Tessa of the Gardens  Liz Lee   Bordermarch 
Zane Ambergate ap Simonn  Zane Lee Bordermarch 
Belle de le Tour Belle Otte Loch Soilleir
Brian Schwartz Brian Schwartz Loch Soilleir
Brylce Cousineau CJ Gilson Loch Soilleir
Caitlin Bevel Caitlin Bevel Loch Soilleir
Drake Metzger von Ratzenburg James Karl Dunivan Loch Soilleir
Galen Eadwin Kirchenbauer Galen Bevel Loch Soilleir
Ginevra Rodney Ginger Allee Loch Soilleir
Giovanna Caronna Carolyn Caronna Loch Soilleir
Jennette Makepays Elizabeth Combs Loch Soilleir
Kelsey Bevel Kelsey Bevel Loch Soilleir
Libby Schwartz Libby Schwartz Loch Soilleir
Madog of Glastonbury Matt Gilson Loch Soilleir 
Pace Sousa Gary Pace Loch Soilleir
Rebekah Kleinspielerin Rebecca Bevel Loch Soilleir
Vanessa de Verona Valerie Henderson Loch Soilleir
William of Welewen William H. Butler III Loch Soilleir 
Wissa Melissa Bestick Loch Soilleir 
Wyllow MacMuireadhaigh Wendy Otte Loch Soilleir
Anja Tammy Howsman Seawinds
Apollonia de Avena Wendy Matejek Seawinds
Brandon Matejek Brandon Matejek Seawinds
Catriona inghen Mhic Lochlainne Patty Randolph Seawinds
Charla du Lac Charla Clark Seawinds
Corrine Drake Beth Ellis Seawinds
Dan the Artisan Dan Lankford Seawinds
Henri Du Bois Hank Clark Seawinds
Isabel Janie Garza Diaz Seawinds
Jayme Dominguez del Valle Joseph M Percer Seawinds
Jean Paul de Calmont Paul Thorne Seawinds
Kenneth Lankford Kenneth Lankford Seawinds
Lisabetta micola da monte Kimberly Wells Seawinds
Marcus Cassius Maximus Rick Howsman Seawinds
Marguerite du Bois Maria Thorne Seawinds 
Owen Clayton Randolph Seawinds 
Seanne Tully Penny Sampson Seawinds 
Talon of Stonebridge Keep Dale Sampson Seawinds 
William Killian Robert Ellis Seawinds 
Brandon McDermott Stargate 
??? Shannon Lehmer Stargate 
Aaron Aaron Soice Stargate 
Angela Of Sumersaeton Jerrica Law Stargate 
Antonello del Bello Andrew Spies Stargate 
Askell Kelvin Soice Stargate
Brenna Clare Penny Roberts Stargate
Brian mac Cael Brian Stanley Stargate
Caitlin bean Ghearailt Kati Norris Stargate
Cassandra Stefne Che' McLeod Stargate
Ciarnat Of Firethorn Kim Law Stargate
Don Iago Cabrerra de Cadiz Greg Coffman Stargate
Dudley of Lauren Lake Dudley Lehmer Stargate
Emily Emily Soice Stargate
Gerald of Leesville Gerald Norris Stargate 
Gwen verch Cynwrig de Ynys Mon Crystal Lewis Stargate 
Hillary Rose Greenslade Marsha R. Greene Stargate 
Isabell del la Stargate Emily Meyers Stargate 
Itai Pomerantz Itai Pomerantz Stargate 
Julianna of Stargate Joan Johnson Stargate 
Kemma Delamare Kim M Smith Stargate 
Lady Lorien Loren Haigh Stargate 
Lady Lucia Sara Tallarovic Stargate 
Leofwine Of Sumersaeton Wayne Law Stargate 
Malachai Morgan Dale Carroll Stargate
Maureen Faulkner Jennifer Smith Stargate
Melody Melody Soice Stargate
Michaels of Graves End Mike Dowdy Stargate 
Miguel del la Trebuchet Mike Meyers Stargate 
Taya FitzPhilip Teressa Pomerantz Stargate
Thomas Thomas Soice Stargate
Thomas atte Woode Thomas Smith Stargate 
Tiger of Stargate Leon Norris Stargate
Galen W. Bevel
galenbv at ix.netcom.com
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